Possible Scientifically-Researched Way to STOP the SPREAD of VIRUSES and BACTERIA from COMMONLY TOUCHED SURFACES


My name is Ilya and I am a concerned neighbor from apartment 1F, and I am taking this action as I feel it is my duty to help all of us in this time of need. I have found information that the virus that the entire world is concerned about can survive for days on commonly touched surfaces. I believe I have come across a scientific study that may have a simple and safe solution to what we can do to the said surfaces and kill any viruses and bacteria on them within minutes. The solution is copper, more specifically copper tape that applies easily to any surface you can think of. We need to take action on the individual level that helps all of us in the community including ourselves and families, which I will share at the end of this letter.

Here is how I came to this conclusion. I was listening to alternative news broadcasting on and a guest came on named Mike Adams of, and he briefly said that there is research that copper can be used to stop spread from surfaces in hospitals and they should replace all knobs in hospitals for this. I didn’t believe him right off hand as I need to get proof to the claim. A few searches later I came across these two articles, one is a synopsis of a longer article that looks like very valid research to me having been published by the American Institute of Microbiology. Here are the excerpts which you can find by typing in exact domain address into your browsers.

Science Daily Short Synopsis quote:

Using copper to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses

November 10, 2015 University of Southampton Copper can effectively help to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, which are linked to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), new research shows. Animal coronaviruses that ‘host jump’ to humans, such as SARS and MERS, result in severe infections with high mortality. Researchers found that a closely-related human coronavirus – 229E – can remain infectious on common surface materials for several days, but is rapidly destroyed on copper.


And excerpt the long 24-page article:

Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials

Exposure to copper destroyed the viral genomes and irreversibly affected virus morphology, including disintegration of envelope and dispersal of surface spikes. Cu(I) and Cu(II) moieties were responsible for the inactivation, which was enhanced by reactive oxygen species generation on alloy surfaces, resulting in even faster inactivation than was seen with nonenveloped viruses on copper. Consequently, copper alloy surfaces could be employed in communal areas and at any mass gatherings to help reduce transmission of respiratory viruses from contaminated surfaces and protect the public health.


Having come across this information from what I believe is a credible, scientific source (please research for yourself and see if you come across to the same conclusion).  I had a lightbulb moment, I came to the conclusion that surfaces like our door knobs, water faucets, toilet flush knobs if coated with copper would create automatic anti-bacterial surfaces. What I did with my home is I put copper tape which is usually used for shielding electronics and guitars on commonly touched surfaces I touch coming in from outside. Also, if you had a piece of the copper tape in your pocket you could press things like elevator buttons with it and not worry about having antibacterial substances everywhere. I have printed out the full fat 24 page articles and gave one to our super Chris and told the doormen and have run around various different businesses I am known in to share this information. He said he may talk to the management, but I have a feeling there is nothing that may come of it unless we all talk to them as they may just ignore this idea being busy with so many things.

They have been banning conventions all over the place where there are a lot of people being in a small area. However, if you think about having a building even with a few apartments, and one our size is a mass gathering at it’s maximum. I am not planning to move to the middle of the woods and I don’t know about you. So, until we can get pure copper door-knobs and things manufactured of the material, perhaps the solution is to put copper tape on all knobs in your home or other places you touch frequently. Here is why I think just wearing gloves and using disinfectants will stop working eventually as we may run out of them and that surface can get re-infected within minutes of wiping it down.   What I am proposing here is a long-term solution that may prepare us for even simple things such as the common flu spreading. What is also cool is that even if it may not look pretty, it can easily be peeled off once the emergency is over with no residue perhaps other than some of the tape adhesive.


  1. You can get your own copper foil tape to put on all commonly used areas within your own home, such as door knobs faucets and toilet flush handle on
    Copper Foil Tape (2inch X 33 FT) with Conductive Adhesive for Guitar and EMI Shielding, Slug Repellent, Crafts, Electrical Repairs, Grounding.
  2. Share this information with everyone digitally by copying it (or see this same letter online with clickable links), and pasting it others in your email list. Or printing it yourself out and making photo copies of it.
  3. Possibly talk to management to take this safety precaution for permission for this tape to be placed on the doorknobs to the trash rooms all over the building. If we all ask, maybe then we can have something done about this.
  4. Maybe get a few extra rolls for friends and family that may need it and may not listen at first.


I think this can make all common areas we all share more sanitary and safer for us and our families and stop this thing in its tracks. We have to understand how many common surfaces we all tough such as door knobs and handles and by spreading this common knowledge we may be able to prevent even future situations. We must remember also that almost no more imports are coming into this country, so stock may run out sooner or later, so I think we should take action sooner while we can and not later. We have to understand also that nobody else will take action for us so it’s on us. We can adapt and overcome and be stronger and healthier than ever before!


Fighting bacteria with copper

EPA has registered copper as antimicrobial agent:

Fighting bacteria with copper


From <>


Copper Kills Hospital Bacteria


From <>



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