EXCERPT FROM AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE SITUATION: see more here: https://hudsonvalleypost.com/protest-against-covid-19-vaccines-scheduled-in-new-york-this-week/

A protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccines is scheduled for this weekend, not far from the Hudson Valley.

The “Bar Big Pharma! Liberate NYS From Vaccine Mandates” protest is scheduled to begin around 8:30 a.m. on Saturday outside the New York State Bar Association on Elk Street in Albany.

“The New York State Bar Association is pushing (a) MANDATED COVID vaccine. A NY bill is being written RIGHT NOW. Cuomo will use NYSBA & many orgs to steal YOUR FREEDOM to say ‘no,'” a Facebook photo about the event from organizers reads.

Organizers say the protest will run until 11:30 a.m. outside the New York State Bar Association and then a second protest at an undisclosed location will go until 12:30 p.m.

Last month, a report released by the New York State Bar Association’s health section called for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for all Empire State residents, besides those who would get exempt by doctors, the Times Union reports.

The New York State Bar Association is meeting virtually on Saturday to discuss making a recommendation on the issue. As of now, there is no law that forces New York residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine, nor is there a COVID-19 vaccine.

Many potential COVID-19 vaccines are being developed. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said earlier this week he’s “almost certain” more than one vaccine that’s being researched will work.

Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson announced the company will start testing its COVID-19 vaccine on 1,000 healthy adults in July, one month ahead of schedule.

ANOTHER EXCERPT from: https://wnyt.com/albany-new-york-news/protesters-rallied-in-albany-against-mandatory-covid-vaccines-/5759757/

While many doctors believe vaccines save lives, others feel differently.

 “We will not be a lab rat for any company. Any vaccine company, Governor Cuomo. We refuse,” says protestor Kaycie Kimberlin.

Another protestor Wendy Ratcliffe says she is not against all vaccines, just that there is not much known about them.

 In late May, the Health Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, in an 89 page report recommended a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for all residents unless a doctor exempts you.

 The governing body met virtually Saturday morning and tabled that finding for further study until November.

 A State Health Department spokesperson tells NewsChannel13 that it is premature to comment on a report they have yet to review and a vaccine that does not yet exist.



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