Google Pixel 3 ETHERNET USB C Adapter that Works for Internet and Even Text Messages #izreviews


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Plugable USB C Ethernet Adapter, Fast and Reliable Gigabit Connection, Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Linux, Chrome OS, Dell XPS, HP, Lenovo

Does Anyone Need the 16 Core AMD Ryzen 3950X Review of Reasons Why I Got Mine #izreviews


From <> – IZ explains the reasons why he bought this processor from the hardware enthusiast point of view. It is nice to have a PC being able to run many processes at the same time. Currently running the 3800x and will upgrade it to this and upgrade another pc that has 2700x with the 3800x.

The board discussed and I recommended was the gigabyte x570 i ITX board. I find it is the best board to run the 3rd generation Ryzen as it runs the 3600mhz DDR4 right out of the box with XMP profile also know as DOCP. It also supports the NVME 4.0 drives and I recommended the gigabyte one enclosed in solid copper.

Then we talk about cooling that because this processor does not come with a cooler in the box, you have to buy your own, but I find that I have been doing that anyway with my 3800x and other processors. The cooler recommended was the NH-U9S and is great for small form factor PC’s and a bigger version of it maybe good for larger cases. I am running the RVZ03 ITX case in white, see the gamer’s nexus review of it and AVTechy of how to build in it. Currently running with the size panel off for best cooling and in order to fit the oversized cooler as I prefer that on my PC.

The concept is build and they shall come. If you have the extra processing power, perhaps I will do some video editing or have a more responsive PC running even more programs at the same time. Either way the CPU can be used for years to come and be enjoyed.

Leave your comments below the video and have a discussion of the reasons why you imagine yourself getting one or are planning to get one for your PC and what you would do with it.

Talk soon.

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