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A group of young guys and a girl go to Poland to face the extreme cold and get plunged into extreme cold conditions without any training whatsoever and overcome the whole life experience without any issues. They were able to overcome challenges that this guru teacher would not put anyone else through other than the people ready for it. Reminds me of my own experience going to a martial arts training retreat where one of the things we did was walk on top of 20 feet long carpet of broken Heineken glass bottles without a scratch. I was told in previous years that they were breaking spear with their neck and I was actually relieved when all we were doing was walking across broken glass. You have to know that you can do it. We were also going through amazing obstacle courses and the only way I got through it was imagining myself completing it and saying to myself that I could do it. The power of the mind is powerful and the above video demonstrates it very well.